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Hummingbird Cake- If you’ve never had Hummingbird Cake, you’ve been missing out! Made with pineapple, bananas and pecans and enveloped in cream cheese icing, this 3 layer cake is sure to be a hit at any gathering....$45.00

Carrot Cake- This moist 2 layer cake is made with fresh grated carrots and our cream cheese icing with a hint of cinnamon. If you like, we can encrust the sides of your cake with crushed pecans- it makes for a beautiful presentation....$40.00

Red Velvet Cake- I never knew why this classic was called Red Velvet until I made this 9" round 3 layer cake with cream cheese icing. It is so velvety smooth....$45.00

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing- This is Audrey’s requested birthday cake every year and it is raved about each year at her parties. (Although I make it a super tall 4 layer for her, instead of the usual 2 layer.)....$40.00 - 2 Layers / $65.00 - 4 Layers

“The Pierre”- A doctor that I work with requested a specific cake for his wife for her birthday. Puzzled by the combination, I performed a “test run” and my co-workers went crazy over it! In honor of him, this 8” three layer butter cake with cannoli filling and cream cheese icing boasts his family name....$50.00

Cream Cheese Pound Cake- My mom makes this cake for me every year for my birthday. After all, it’s always better when someone else makes your birthday cake- especially your mom! This Bundt cake is ultra moist with a creamy sweetness that’s sure to keep you coming back for another slice....$25.00

Grandma’s Pistachio Pound Cake- This is one of the first desserts I can recall eating as a child. My grandma would make this Bundt cake for us occasionally and it never lasted long around us grandkids! (This is the only cake I make that is not completely from scratch. I make it just as my Grandma made it!)....$25.00


Classic Cheesecake- I’ve never been a huge fan of plain cheesecake until I tried this recipe. It has just the right amount of tangy sweetness for my pallet- and apparently a lot of other pallets, as my co-workers order these almost weekly! Available plain, with a hint of lemon, or with layers of sliced strawberries baked inside....$35.00

Chocolate Chip Mocha Cheesecake- If you like coffee and chocolate, this dessert if for you. It is David’s preferred dessert at any family gathering (with the exception of my pumpkin pie)....$35.00

Pumpkin Cheesecake- This dessert is the perfect blend of pumpkin and cheesecake. It is super creamy and has a light pumpkin taste- a great blend and balance of each distinct flavor....$35.00


Sweet Potato- I have received a great deal of compliments on this particular pie! It is one of my most requested desserts around the holidays....$15.00

Cream Cheese Pumpkin Pie- This super creamy pumpkin pie is delectable! It’s the perfect finish (or start!) to any holiday meal....$15.00

No Crust Coconut Pie- This is one of my mom’s classics! If you love coconut, give this a try. It’s a thick coconut custard with shredded, sweetened coconut baked throughout the entire pie. 2 pies....$25.00

Coconut Cream Pie- Another coconut classic and by far one of my most complimented desserts. Even the toughest of my critics raved about it! Made with a graham cracker crust and coconut milk, it’s a coconut lover’s dream come true!....$30.00

Pecan Pie- This is the only dessert my brother in law will eat so I had to make it especially good! It is made without the traditional corn syrup base, and there are never leftovers of this classic once everyone leaves from family gatherings....$15.00

Aunt Lucille’s Peanut Butter Pie- This was another childhood favorite and is best served cold. My brother and his kiddos have come up with a twist on it which I can incorporate if requested- a chocolate lining in between the graham cracker crust and the rich, light peanut buttery filling....$15.00

*please note that we do use premade crusts!


Citrus Cupcakes- These are made with fresh orange juice and orange zest and are a light, sweet spring or summer treat (although we enjoy them all year round!). I used this recipe for desserts at my sister’s wedding shower and she later converted it into a wedding cake recipe....$22.00/ dozen


Macaroons- The classic coconut macaroon- these are a coconut lovers’ BEST friend!

One batch with 20 dipped in and drizzled with chocolate....$20.00
Also available without chocolate.


Marshmallows- These are not your everyday marshmallows! Light and airy, our marshmallows are always a popular item. We love to try out new flavor creations and are happy for suggestions! We currently offer vanilla, key lime, vanilla toasted coconut, pina colada, s’mores, oreo encrusted vanilla, candy cane, pistachio, cherry, and chocolate cherry....$25.00 for 6 bags of the same flavor (6 large marshmallows per bag)

Other Goodies

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars- My husband and step-daughter prefer these over chocolate chip cookies! It’s one of our household favorites....$20.00 for 8 large bars

Biscotti- This treat is so versatile! It goes superbly with your coffee (or hot tea) in the morning or for a quick little pick me up snack in the afternoon –or for that little bit of sweetness after dinner, for that matter....Triple Chocolate- 16 servings….. 25.00 / Toffee Chocolate Chip- 24 servings… 25.00

Whoopie Pies- My best friend asked me to make these once and I’m so glad I tried them! They’re almost like a reverse cake slice, if that makes sense… They’re like cakey cookies with icing in the middle. These make a great additions for parties where you’re not QUITE sure if you’re going to have enough cake to go around- or as an alternative to cake altogether!....Red Velvet with cream cheese icing- 20 pies....$40.00 / Chocolate with vanilla icing- 30 pies....$45.00

Crisp Rice Bars- Who can resist these classic childhood treats....$20.00 for 15 large bars

Shipping is determined on an order by order basis.
Let us know what you are interested in and we can let you know the shipping cost.

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